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Default Australian/Commonwealth Firearms

Is there any more images out there of the F1 SMG apart from the ones posted below?

Im also trying to find out more about the MCEM 1 SMG which was to replace the Owen Gun. Any images of it?

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Australian MCEM, from Lithgow Factory
Picture Here
Attached Images
File Type: jpg MCEM1_9mm_Australie_proto.jpg (14.3 KB, 9 views)
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Well in for the MCEM1 mate!

[img]Australian MCEM, from Lithgow Factory
Picture Here[/img]

Designed to replace the Owen but never made it, Thats how the F1 SMG came out, Other than that you would also amputate your left thumb with it!

Was this an attempt for an Australian Assault Rifle? It looks AR18ish

Is the AICW in use yet?

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Default "AR-18ish" Australian assault rifle.

The rifle you are talking about is the LEADER DYNAMICS T2-Mk5, also manufactured lately as the AUSTRALIAN AUTOMATIC ARMS "SAR".

Yes, it was a contender for a .5'56mm Australian military service rifle to replace the then-issued LITHGOW L1A1-F1 SLR (Australian-made .7'62x51mm battle rifle, copy of the British ENFIELD L1A1-SLR or, if you want, semiautomatic-only clone of the Belgian FN FAL).
The T2-Mk5 was a "re-engineered" AR-18 in a more modern shape "melted" with features from other assault/battle rifles (example: look at the position of the cocking handle, that is an HECKLER&KOCH feature), that should have made it more practical to use, but also easier and cheaper to manufacture (example: it has 3 bolt lugs only instead of the 8 bolt lugs of the "original" AR-18). The entire thing is dated back to the mid-1980s.
Some state that the gun was in fact full of defects, as it was simplified too much. Some of the "defects" pointed to the T2-Mk5 are herein mentioned: the flash suppressor was said to be ineffective, the chamber was said to be undersized, and seems like a magazine could have been pushed all the way into the bolt area when the bolt was locked to the rear, which of course would have led to an instant jam upon firing the first shot. It was also said that the T2-Mk5 would also have suffered stoppages for seemingly no reason whatsoever.
What we (SECURITYARMS.COM board) had occasion to hear, instead, was different. Mr. CHARLES St.GEORGE, the engineer of the T2-Mk5 and of another assault rifle that was also submitted to that trial, the "Edenpine/Armtech" Bull-Pup (which lately spawned into the well-known BUSHMASTER M17-S) tells a completely different story. Apparently (not unbelievably, in fact), when the RFT (Request For Tender) was issued, the Australian Armed Forces had already decided that their next issue rifle would have been the Steyr AUG (now manufactured by ADI - AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE INDUSTRIES Pty-Ltd as the "F-88" or simply the "AuSTEYR"), and that they were already decided in not buying, adopting or simply evaluating seriously any indigenous design that was not combat-proven already. I could understand such a position, but then, in that case, there was no need to issue an open trial and they could have simply issued a sole-source solicitation instead.
The LEADER T2-Mk5 was later made in a semiautomatic-only version, when LEADER DYNAMICS dropped the production it was resumed by AUSTRALIAN AUTOMATIC ARMS, and it is interesting to know that almos none of the above-mentioned defects seem to be found on the civilian samples.
The T2-Mk5/SAR continued to exist (with some numbers of the rifles imported in the USA here and there, some reaching a handful of European Countries like Switzerland, also an agreement was almost reached with FRANCHI to import it in Italy) until the 1994 "Brady Bill - Assault Weapons Ban" was issued in the USA. The deadline for the design was in 1996 when all civilian ownership of semi-automatic long arms was banned in Australia because of a shooting in Tasmania.
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