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Default Zombies A-Go-Go

Some time in the near future, an heretofore unkown virus has swept North West Asia's mines. The disease first appears in regions suffering increased frigid temps and seismic activity. A first mutation of the virus had symptoms come on within a week of exposure. The infected lived as long as a month before subsuming to the illness. This early stage of disease had corpses neuro-systems continuing to fire well beyond death. Bodys would twitch until the brain was severed from the corpse.
It wasn't until the disease mutated that bodies actually came back to first taking an hour before a reanimated corpse could move about on its own. within the week of the first bodies getting up and moving, the process took on rapid development....moments after the heart stopped, the virus took over. This marking what many feel is the real start of the zombie plague.
It wasn't before long after that the disease took on its full potential, passing by direct contact with bodily fluids. At this point the virus worked more quickly--infected dying and transforming within days.
At this point China had already been working to contain the problem.
Politically isloated and paranoid, Chinese officials began a simple quarantine, focusing on infield testing, trying to resolve the issue alone and without informing its citizens. The revelation of not only massive casualities, but the rampart infection sparked a general panic.

The quarentine exposed months too late, the global outcry, misled by media blitz, only complicated matters as the true figures came into the open. The panic spread to the rest of Europe as contagion seemed unlikely. And meanwhile the Americas calimed to have a better grip on its situation, leading to a general misconception of "business as usual" for the citizenry and economy.
Att his point, the only country accepting international flights (after extensive screening and quarentine) and continuing up until the first major riots in cities some six months ago. Making it the only choice country for the UN summit and subsequent arms exhibition. And yet everyone ignored the elephant in the corner.

A contingen of vaccines recommended for the virus was then mistakenly distributed. At this point the Virsus as currently known evolved. This final generation had shown remarkable changes, adopting characteristics of its previous parentage. What it meant was a disease feeding specifically on the human populace--the rest of the animal kingdom safe.


We are hence three months after the final collapse of civilization. A few territorial governments stand as their own dead people rise in a chaotic revolution. Martial rule reigns supreme in most major cities while some crazies have adopted the surrounding madness as their kigndom.

Oh, the legions of slow moving, but determined zombies...

As Players:
Having spent the last few years pondering the coming onslaught, we've each long prepared for this very kind of thing.
Until the very end, players are able to access the security arms website until dedicated land lines die. As dedicated members, we each receive a missive from TJ: he's going into hiding but leaving the forum PM system up for players to communicate with each other.
As Security Arms grand elder, he has developed a base of operations out of Nevada for the foundation of Neo-Sparta.
Remov, and his military connections, have established an underground network to reuniting with the Americas unit.

The final destination for all groups is the heretofore theorized Neo Sparta.

The world is in ruins, no one person in charge-- most civilized nations are still managing some control in fortified cities, but most metropolises like New York and Paris are tangled nests for the undead.
There are fellow neo Spartans out there-- but beware. Deadhead hordes aren't your only enemy-- some places regard the NS movement a terrorist organization bent on capitalizing during the chaos.
Alot of military bases are abandoned or destroyed-- some gutted by survivors, or homes to their dead soldiers. Otherplaces are staging grounds for the few pockets of sanity trying to help everyone by, others are facist compounds leeching what they can out of a failing world and frightened populace.

Supplies are limited, restricted in some areas, and in short demand all over. Arm yourself for what you can expect to get on the run. And expect to keep running.
Some people will try to help along the way, others will slow you some places the citizens themselves will be out to get you. And some people are trapped just like you...

Be smart about how you travel, what you carry, and what you'll evenutally need-- orbiting satellite connections and random wifi pockets will most likely be your only chance for contacting the outside world.
Little is known about isolated countries in oceans-- the rumor is Australia's a Z-free country.
Players will receive a message including the encrypted coordinates for Neospartan installments.
You do not have to isolate yourself to your present geographical location and may start anywhere you want in the world....within reason. Everyone is expected to try to team up with another person besides an NPC (non-player character).

The option is available to play in the U.S. for our European and South American compatriots-- if you live outside of the country, and wish to, you can request to play with the U.S. members, I'll come up with an excuse for you to be in country when TSHTF.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping a human face...forever" ~George Orwell

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