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Default Armorer's Char

Player: (Ed)

Name: Ed
Nick Name: Armorer
Age: 27
Lvl: 1
Region: South East US, Georgia.
Class: Ranger

Physical Description:
Standing at 5'10", short dark brown hair and brown eyes-- weighs in around 180. Often wears a neat trimmed beard when supplies allow. Somewhat shallow chested despite a broad back accentuated by overly developed forearms and legs-- a result of a training regimine for shooting sports.
Description subset (Distinguishing features): Small scar crossing bridge of nose, accompanying scar running diagonally from right temple to the right lower cheek. Tattooes on right bicep (green atom bomb inscribed "Ur Mom") and back (large medalion of intertwined snakes).
Current (at game start) attire:
-Oakley 500 boots
-Standard issue ripstop BDU pants
-drab olive t-shirt
-Blackhawk tactical vest
-typical baseball cap
-Uncle Mikes fingerless shooting gloves

Vehicle: Ford, 2005 FX4-150-- modifications include the removal of rear bench/interior, super chip, dual flow system, restrictors on clutch and tranny, Dynex axels, beadlock 22" baja tires, underside plated, steel frame cover over bed, driving lights and remote spot on roof.
Avg mileage: 26 miles per gallon.

Persistent and cynical-- poor sense of humor and poorer sense of style. Repugnant, but affable-- a dogged anti-hero schmuck.

An educated good Ole Boy from rural Georgia. Expertise in weapons maintenance and performance as a survivalist and junior gun nut. The zombie apocalypse has been a source of great amusement as he's gone around telling everyone, "I Told you so," which has done nothing for his reputation.

Equipment: (on person)
- standard bic lighter
- Benchmade Aries fixed blade (small of back).
- Black Hawk CQB paddle holster (right hip) W/
- FN Five-seven pistol (5.7x28-- equal to 5.56/.223 damage)
- Motorola XS506 (modified) satphone-- XS and trans capable
- Axiom II Lowjack (combination jammer and scrambler)
-Bianchi Verticle shoulder holster W/
-Springfield Operator TRP W/ opposing two mag holder
- Safariland 6401 tactical clip holder (left hip) w/ 1 clip for the Springfield and 2 FNFive-Seven clips
-2 liter camel pack of water
-Sabre Defense SPR AR10 (mid sized sniper rifle in 7.62X51)
- 3 spare 20rnd clips for SPR

Partial Kit from truck:
- Armorer's tool kit (114 piece + 1 combo wrench)
-1000 rnds 7.62X51
-1000rnds 5.7x28 AP
-1000 rnds .45 (230gr XTP hollow points)
-1000 rnds .223
-250rnds .338
-500rnds .300win mag
-30 MRE field rations
- water test kit
- Lenova Gen III smartpad tablet-- sat assist enabled, low jack enabled, antialiasing for regional wi-fi connections.
- (1) 20 min rebreather (effective for most proprietary riot gases)
-1 carton Marlboro Light 100's
-3 dissasembled AR15's in .300 whisper, 5.56, and 7.62X39
-1 Blaser LRS2 in .300win mag and .338 Lapua

Special Skill/Ability: Marksmanship-- extended ability to use weapons accurately over period of time and physical duress.

General Skills:

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping a human face...forever" ~George Orwell

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