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Default Uzi4u

Player: Uzi

Name: Classified
Nick Name: Leo
Age: 20
Lvl: (How is level calculated?)
Sign: cancer, born in the month of Tammuz.
Region: Central Texas.
Class: Privateer (I have Rambo and Engineer leanings, but Privateer fits me best)

Physical Description:
5'10", very skinny, fairly muscular (very strong leg muscle set, above average arm and upper body muscles), dangerously low body-fat levels (been that way since childhood). 140lbs weight.
Very light skin... I actually have a considerable tan, but you wouldn't know it as my "base color" is two steps brighter than the French flag.
Wavy very dark blonde hair (bordering on brown), kept at about a 1-2" length... In fall I grow it out a little more and in spring I trim it down. Dark blonde medium-thickness mustach, thick gotee covering my chin(the gotee is new as of this year, balances my face out a fit), otherwise very well shaven... Strong eyebrows (see balancing comment). Dark steel-blue eyes. No facial scars but noticable stress wrinkles especially on my forhead and between my eyes which tend to give me a "worried" or "been through hell" impression.
Several minor scars on my hands and feet (scratches, large cuts, punctures from playing with sharp things as a kid, et al).

Current (at game start) attire:
-Waterproof workboots, titainium toe and sole reinforcement.
-Marine MARPAT uniform (minus all insignia, buttons replaced with breakchains) in winter, same MARPAT pants with an off-brand MARPAT T-shirt in summer.
-Knee pads.
-My Oakley light-perscription glasses

Vehicle: Brand new Ford F150 4X4 Crewcab (I should have it sometime next month, so I'll probably have had it for a while by the time period the game is set), 37.5 gallon gas tank, large bed storeage box, additional fuel storeage cans in truck bed.
Personality: Introverted, realist, views the zombie outbreak as Darwin in action... Views himself as being well prepared and thus in the "fittest" catagory of natural selection, doesn't waste emotion on those outside of his small "tribe".
Survivalist from central Texas, was raised in a Spartan style for survival and conflict. Skilled in survival and combat. Has a fort in the hillcountry he can take to in the event of disaster

Equipment: (on person)
-Folding hold-out knife
-Small survival knife.
-Two one-quart canteens on belt.
-Flint and steel.
-Several bic lighters.
-Waterproof matches.
-Water purification tablets.
-Four small tripwire alarms (panic alarms and fishing line).
-One cheapo maglight flashlight
-One cheapo shake-light
-Sidearm and five mags... I currently have and IMI Jericho in 9mm I would use... But what I'd really want for this exact situation is an FN Fiven-SeveN.

Kit: (Equip on hand)
-Carbon 15 Type-21, Trigicon Tri-Power sight, basic sling, loaded with M193 from MagPul PMags.
-Carbon-15 97S Pistol (don't currently have this one in real life), Trigicon Reflex Sight, Laser backup sight, Surefire mounted underbarrel, verticle foregrip. Same mags and ammo as above
-420+ rounds of 5.56, twelve PMags in three puches on my belt, one more in each gun, and any more I want to stuff in my pack (depends on the current situation, could be as many as a dozen more).
-Beef & Turkey jerky and some of my homemade ration bars. Much more weight efficient overall than other survival foods... Tastes like crap but I don't care.
-Water distillation kit in my pack, can produce about a gallon a day with a small fire.
-Other survival kit contents in my pack, contents secret, provides me with shelter warmth and working batteries, among other things.
-Gerber Ax&Saw Combo.
-Ultra-light survival shovel.
-Grapling hook and rope.
-Two wall-breaching charges.
-Some two-way radios.

Weight for everything on me, as previously states in another post, 54-60lbs (and I didn't list everything in my real kit, just the important stuff).

Special Skill/Ability: Order out of chaos. Can do ordinary in extraordinary situations. Always seems to be thinking three steps ahead in situations where most people are in deep panic, making it seem as if he is in complete control of the situation (when actually I'm just using my brains normal logic in a situation where most people can't seem to think).

General Skills:
-Good long-range marksmanship.
-Good reaction time/accuracy in CQB (both armed and melee).
-Decent at hand-to-hand.
-Can make a large number of explosives and incindiaries out of almost anything.
-Can improvise tools from common electronics (radio motion sensor alarms, ROVs out of common toys, motion triggered mines, et al).
-Can field dress game and cook it... Don't expect anything to taste good however.
-Good "outside the box" strategy.
-Decent "inside the box" strategy.
-Well versed in most things military.
-Some basic medical know-how (I'm no medic, however)
-Can function well with extremely irregular meals.
-Can make very basic weapons (spears, clubs, wooden shields, stone daggers) with no tools.
-Can see much better than most at night.
-Can fly a Cessna 1X2 series aircraft.
-Decent navigation skills.
-Can be a g-ddamned sneaky bastard, especially at night.

-No fat means I can't good too long without food before my body starts breaking down my own muscle... Not good.
-I have a minor eye perscription... Things get fuzzy past about 50 yards without it.
-Not exactly good at diplomacy that doesn't involve explosives.
-Only has a small number in his "tribe"... thus he has fewer resources to draw on.
-My mechanical skills could be better... I can do very basic repairs, but that's about it.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping a human face...forever" ~George Orwell
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