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Default 2007 Predictions year end review...

As we posted here:

The total number of predictions made last year was 55.

UZI: 16

PT: 1

Damn Yankee: 1

Armorer: 22

CeeTee: 1

FerretBone: 14

I'll skip most of the ones we got wrong and just post the ones we got right, and the surpising wrong ones:


1) "There will be more threats from Iran, along with a massive increase in nuclear weapons research and development by then Iranians. No serious action to stop it will be attempted."

I think I pretty much got that one correct.

2) "We will start seeing a lot of Hillary Clinton."

Hit that one on the head... But who didn't see that coming?

3) "Tyler Durden will get temp-banned again."

This did happen.

4) "The movie "300" comes out... Is total shit... Results in me posting a 300 page rant of everything wrong with it both here and on my blog."

300 was very historically inaccurate... But shockingly, it didn't suck, I actually liked it... While I could easily write a 300 page rant on the historical inaccuracies, I do not intend to do so at this time. I got this one wrong, suprisingly.

5) "The United States remains in Iraq and the Democrats only pay lipservice to the idea of withdrawal to keep folks like Tyler happy."

Pretty much correct... The anti-war lipservice we hear is just to keep the extreme left base of the Democratic party happy... It's obvious that even if Hillary Clinton was president today, she wouldn't withdraw from Iraq, rather she'd just say the situation was too bad to pull out of, and it's all the Republicans fault.

6) "In the United States, there is serious talk about bringing back the draft. And not by Democrats trying to score political fear-points, either."

Suprisingly, this didn't really happen.

7) "Nothing is done to stop illegal immigration on the federal level. All attempts at the state level result in federal punishments of said states. A full amnesty for illegal aliens might be attempted."

Boy did I hit that nail on the head.

8) "Social Security continues to collapse"

Yup... No improvement in that regard.

9) "The United States continues to balkanize into city-states, as it has been doing for a few decades, and will keep doing for many to come."

More or less I got this right... The cultural gaps in different parts of the United States are growing bigger, not smaller.

10) "PT will have a life-changing event, convert to Catholicism, move to the United States and register as a Republican. SecurityArms will lose two members as a result, Bacon to asphyxiation due to laughter and Tyler to a massive stroke."

Sadly no.

UZI's score: 7 correct out of 16.


1) "Then, on the night between 10/31 and 11/1, the European "Corot" space probe, due to a malfunction after passing through the tail of a comet, crashes in the midst of nowhere nearby a cemetery in Camino Yermo, Arizona, USA. Strange aggressions are reported shortly aftwerwars..."

Sadly, no... I'm still waiting for the zombie apocalypse.

PT score: 0/1

Damn Yankee:

1) "Tyler Durden will be driven to madness at the loss of his closet lover Saddam Hussein. In turn he will join the insurgency in Iraq, but soon realise that fighting for a cause is too difficult. He will become a goat farmer and spend his free time talking trash to Iraqi Kurds via the internet."

For all we know, this could have happened... I'll put this in the "unknown outcome" catagory.


1) "PLO will suffer from massive internal issues, power plays by radicals to more external actions-- of which the rest of the world will ignore and Isreal suffer the consequences."

You got that one right on the head Armorer. The PLO is practically in civil war right now.

2) "As to Boarders-- the U.S. will see further casualties along the boarder and fail to do anything about it other than place more embargos against private citizen patrols like the Arizona Minutemen."

I haven't really heard of any real efforts by the Feds against civilian border groups, but you got the rest right... I'll give you that one.

3) "John McCain will again be unfortunately fucked over for the next presidential bid."

Looks like his chances of getting the nomination are slim to none... So you got this one right.

4) "An estimated 2.5 billion in medicare will be missappropriated for illegal aliens rather than our elderly"

Easily that much, hard figures aren't out there but it's probably more like 10 billion, easily. I'll go ahead and give this one to you.

5) "College attendance will spike an additional 175% over the last two years despite fourteen states announcing a deficiet in state scholarships, the decline of post graduate (quality education), and lowered acceptance standards. "

I wouldn't know the actual figures, but unless someone can disprove it, I'll give this one to Armorer, as it wouldn't be suprising.

6) "Similarly, we will see a 300% drop in standards in most state institutions for credentialling. Differentially, post graduate programs of any accord will minimize acceptance numbers (lowering the current standard of 15 to 25 students per annum to 9)."

I know of at least a few colleges that are lowing their numbers in that way, so you get this one as far as I'm concerned.

7) "More bad movies-- the death of imagination, creativity, and originality. yet another thirty romantic comedies by owen wilson, adam sandler, ben affleck, and ben stiller. Bradgelina will adopt another child from a third world country."

Sorry Armorer, but you got this one wrong... We actually had some pretty good movies this year... Probably due to the writers strike .

8) "The zombie outbreak will occur before midnight, 10/28, in Sweden."

Sadly, no.

9) "Further delays (and 15 million pissed away) on the WTC/9-11 monument."


10) "Ronald Reagan will rise from the dead, the four horse men will ride, and Tyler will shit his pants."

Sadly, no... Except maybe that last part, but that was a given.

Armorer's score: 7/22


1) "P.T. will score 1000 posts"


CeeTee's score: 1/1


1) "Hillary Clinton will run for president, but will have trouble finding a side kick willing to swallow his pride and run with her."

Got that one right.

2) "Two Rappers will go to prison for rap, rape, or murder..."

If you got that one wrong I'll be shocked.

3) "We will see increases in news articles about so called facts of gobal warming. And at least one major bill will be introduced through congress/debated-on with sick restrictions and even sicker ride alongs..."

Yup. I can think of at least two such bills, both failed thankfully.

4) "I still will refuse to use the speell check botton..."

Most Marines do. *ducks and finds a heavy object to hide behind*

5) "The city of New Orleans will sue the makers of MREs for causing obesity among the Katrina refugees..."

By some miracle that didn't happen.

6) "Four to five states will ban trans fats at all fast food restaurants, yet obesity will continue to climb..."

As far as I know only one state has done this... But considering I thought you were crazy with this prediction a year ago, and it happened anyway, I'll go ahead and give this to you.

7) "A law suit having something to do with the suddam execution video, and not feeling safe while surfing the net will be filed and will make world wide news..."

I think someone filed a few FCC complaints over it, so I'll give this one to you.

8) "An attack on the US will be foiled. And maybe a small attack involing a pipebomb and a kid will happen in New York."

I can think of one small attack that was foiled, so I'll give this one to you.

There are four predictions that Ferretbone made that I don't know if they turned out true or not, so I'll list those as unknows and remove them from the tally.

Ferretbone's score: 7/10

Overall SecurityArms 2007 Preditions score: 22/50. Less than 50%..... But not that bad for predictions, really.
Am Yisrael Chai!

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