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Default Sewer Bass!!!

Raw Sewage-Filled Floodwaters Prompt Fay Health Warnings
State Officials Warned About West Nile Virus

POSTED: 6:52 pm EDT August 21, 2008
UPDATED: 2:21 pm EDT August 22, 2008

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Flood victims of Tropical Storm Fay were warned about rivers of raw sewage possibly flowing through some Florida neighborhoods.

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The state's surgeon general, Ana Viamonte Ros, notified Floridians Thursday about fecal matter danger created by the stalled weather system.

"We just wanted to reiterate again the importance of making sure children do not play in flooded areas," Viamonte Ros said. "We have had reports of raw sewage in some of these flooded plains. Please make sure children (stay out) because there could be downed powered lines (and) there is sewage."

Septic tanks flowed over in a subdivision in Merritt Island and leaked into streets near the Colony Park subdivision.

Several adults and parents were videotaped swimming in the streets during a Local 6 report.

It's like swimming in a toilet and it's very dangerous, Local 6's Jessica D'Onofrio reported.

Officials warned that within the sewage water is harmful bacteria and viruses that pose threats.

State officials warned about West Nile virus and other mosquito-borne illness in connection with Fay floodwaters.

The Department of Health recommends you avoid the outdoors during dusk and dawn, wear clothing that covers skin and to use Deet as a repellant.

"Remember as well there are potentially dangerous wild animals that will seek higher ground so beware of those as well," Ros said.

"Most deaths that occur in storms are because of flooding," Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp said Thursday.

The reference is to water moccasins, other snakes and alligators, Local 6's Steven Cooper reported.

The Department of Health said residents should not wade through standing water. If residents must wade through floodwater, they are urged to bath and put on clean clothes afterward.
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