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Default US Navy SEAL weapons in Vietnam

The other day, I was watching a documentary about the weapons used by Navy SEALs in Vietnam, They were S&W 76's, Colt Commando Carbines/H&K G3/HK33s and most notably the Stoner 63 and a heavily modded M60 machine gun which was converted into a belt-fed rifle. Out of all i found the M60 the best weapon as the barrel was cut shorter with most external parts removed(even the stock)to decrease the weight/bulk.

Here is an edited image to represent it:

And a SEAL with a Harrington & Richardson T223(Better known as a HK33)

And a close up:

Experimental 50 round STANAG Magazine

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Old 08-23-2008
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The US Navy SEALs Vietnam-modded M-60 is what became the M60-E4 (Mk43-Mod0). And, it was never intended as a "belt-fed rifle": it was a shortened squad automatic weapon intended to provide support fire at closer distances, though perhaps they thought that employing a shorter M-60 they would have had a machine-gunner without loosing a rifleman: it's the same principle that inspired ARES Defense in making the "Shrike". Should they REALLY start to make it some day...

As for the Harrington & Richardson T-223, here's a better picture (though not good as I'd like to have one). The T-223 was assembled by Harrington & Richardson with German-imported H&K parts, as back then H&R was the sole importer of H&K in the US. They even assembled the HK4 pistol locally to circumvent the restrictions posed under the 1968 Great Gun Grab (HERE is a picture). The T-223 was a little bit shorter than the "modern" HK-33, had light handguard and side-cuts on magazines for a fast check of remaining ammunition.
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