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Default Hippies think DEA is cross pollinating with Blackwater

DEA guy wearing a BW tee got photo'd in a raid in SoCal. Conspiracy theorists go bananas.

the Bush Administration Using Blackwater Mercenaries in the DEA?

Perspective by Tim King

An extremely angry employee of the dispensary compared the DEA raid to being "robbed by a bunch of thugs downtown."

This photo from the LA Times shows what we assume is a DEA agent, wearing a shirt from Blackwater, the mercenary group accused of slaughtering innocent people in the streets of Iraq that has gone from black to hot water over the last two years. Are Blackwater and the DEA trading members?

(LOS ANGELES) - Are members of a disputed mercenary killer group now working with the DEA? A photo from the LA Times shows proof of one of two things; either Blackwater members are now working for the Bush White House's Drug Enforcement Agency, or this semi-illegitimate band of rogue federal cops have worse discipline than any of us ever imagined.

As a U.S. Marine, I would have faced charges for simply wearing my camouflage utility uniform into a store. There are these things called standards that the Corps and other military and police groups are obligated to follow. It is to avoid giving someone the wrong idea about who you are and your application in society. I guess Blackwater and the federal marijuana plant warriors don't care what people think.

The LA Times article suggests that the California pot dispensary raids have put the DEA's tactics in question. Far beyond the idea of these clowns wearing Blackwater shirts, the overall point is that they are operating above the law. California voters firmly stated that they want people to have access to medical marijuana.

Feds Make Mockery out of California Voters

The fact is that in addition to the state's ignored laws making medical marijuana legal, two appellate court decisions in California said federal laws don't take priority. But the DEA operates above the law and they are the ones who should be charged, tried and jailed. In fact, I see this happening in the future as we are probably very close to electing a new President who will reallocate the mission of these agents who needlessly press the pot issue, as the nation's problems with methamphetamine spirals out of control.

We have never had a federal government so out of touch with the realities of the people in this country.

In her article, the LA Times' Sandy Banks states that the flak-jacketed federal agents executing their commando-style raid at the Organica Collective, overtook a pot dispensary with such a mellow vibe that its business card features a dove and a cross.

During their "raid" DEA agents cut open a safe and confiscated boxes of records, a pair of flat screen monitors listing available varieties of weed, and the contents of an ATM. In true form, the federal cops left the place in a total mess.

A customer named Clyde Carey told Times reporter Tami Abdollah that they frightened the customers and employees by storming in "in full combat gear." He said it was "like literally an episode of '24' when they bust in on a terrorist cell."

Someone needs to tell the DEA that there are legitimate crimes taking place in this city. There are killers and robbers and rapists and child molesters and they need to be dealt with. Perhaps they get a real charge out of raiding pot dispensaries. Maybe they like picking on mellow, innocent people because they are not a threat to police. Maybe these agents should be looking at the bigger picture.

An extremely angry employee of the dispensary said the police kept him handcuffed for four hours. He compared the DEA raid to being "robbed by a bunch of thugs downtown."

The feds didn't tell the LA Times why they targeted Organica, a warehouse operation on a industrial stretch of Washington Boulevard located close to Venice Beach. Of course that would not be expected of an agency that operates like this one. One thing is certain; the day will come when these storm troopers will have to behave differently and actually enforce worthy laws rather than working off the interpretation that states in this country do not have rights. Of course that comes all the way down from George W. Bush himself, who could change the course of this madness at any time.
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Default Re: Hippies think DEA is cross pollinating with Blackwater

Crap, he coulda / shoulda been wearing one of my Infidel shirts!
American Infidel
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Old 10-16-2008
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Why wasn't he just wearing garments with identificative signs? This would have avoided any quid-pro-quo. BTW, looks like the DEA is especially prone to behaviours that can ingenerate, let's say, "misunderstandings"...
"It is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself, when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks. It is legal and lawful to own a shotgun or a rifle. We believe in obeying the law." -- Malcolm X

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