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Old 05-22-2006
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Default Mall ninja part 3

Last year I made the decision to trust
my life on the street to Second Chance body
armor. I got the level IIa because it stops
the most rounds. plus I got the Trauma Plate
for the front.
What scares me is that, although I can fit an extra trauma plate in the front, I cannot fit a second one in back. As of late I have taken to duct-taping a second trauma plate to the area of my back where the heart and vital organs are located. Then I put my vest on.
Here is the questions. The ducttape "solution, although tactically sound, is hot and painful to remove. I would like to go
to the single-plate solution in back. What I am worried about is repeated hits to that area with .308 ammunition. I have a high-risk security job and I fear that I would be the target for repeated long-distance shots to my back.
Are any of you aware of a thicker plate that could stop, say, .338 Lapua or something like that? Is there a better way to do the second plate? BTW, I am, of course, usually carrying a pair of ceramic plates in my briefcase so that I can shield my head. My SO (we work as a team when necessary) has a similar accessory containing a breakdown NEF single-shot 300 WinMag with an 18" bbl. The plan is that I shield us with my body and "catch the rounds" while she assembles the NEF. I lay down covering fire with my 23 (Bar-Sto .357 Sig barrel) and she makes the long shots. I will then throw smoke grenades to obscure the area while continuing to lay covering fire. The problem, of course, is when I have to turn my back to run, and then the problem crops up.
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Old 05-22-2006
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So classic.
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Old 05-24-2006
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Default Take the test!

I got 31%, some of the questions are a bit unfair if you are reservist, yes I do own a respirator and I wear 'proper' camo to the range ...

I also found this: it's a shrine to the infamous aformentioned individual Mall SWAT-SAS-SBS-SEAL uber security guard.

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