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Arrow "School shooter threat assessment"...WTF??

Just done reading THIS, which is what the FBI considers to be a great help to parents and schools in preventing school shootings. From page 22 and on, it contains some detailed "profile" about the typical school shooter. Though some are reasonable, others leave me, let's say, puzzled. Let's see some of these voices.

PAGE 23: "Low Tolerance for Frustration -The student is easily bruised, insulted, angered, and hurt by real or perceived injustices done to him by others and has great difficulty tolerating frustration".
Just tell me WHO is going to tolerate such a situation. Idiot.

PAGE 24: "Masks Low Self-esteem - Though he may display an arrogant, self-glorifying attitude, the student's conduct often appears to veil an underlying low self-esteem. He avoids high visibility or involvement in school
activities, and other students may consider him a nonentity
Hey that's me! Well, it -was- me at the High School, but whatever...

PAGE 26: "Fascination with Violence-Filled Entertainment - The student demonstrates an unusual fascination with movies, TV shows, computer
games, music videos or printed material that focus intensively on themes of violence, hatred, control, power, death, and destruction. He may incessantly watch one movie or read and reread one book with violent content, perhaps involving school violence. Themes of hatred, violence, weapons, and mass destruction recur in virtually all his activities, hobbies, and pastimes.
The student spends inordinate amounts of time playing video games with violent themes, and seems more interested in the violent images than in the game itself. On the Internet, the student regularly searches for web sites involving violence, weapons, and other disturbing subjects. There is evidence the student has downloaded and kept material from these sites
That's ME again! And half of the guys I know! Y' know, playing DOOM, playing cops and criminals as kids with toy guns on the steet, watching Schwarzenegger and Stallone and Bruce Willis movies on and on...

PAGE 27: "Access to Weapons - the family keeps guns or other weapons or explosive materials in the home, accessible to the student. More important, weapons are treated carelessly, without normal safety precautions; for example, guns are not locked away and are left loaded [...]"
Hey, ME again, knowing since I was a little kid where my father kept his gun! And my friends too, even having the keys of the safes where their parents kept THEIR guns!

PAGE 28: "No Limits or Monitoring of TV and Internet - Parents do not supervise, limit or monitor the student's television watching or his use of
the Internet. The student may have a TV in his own room or is otherwise free without any limits to spend as much time as he likes watching violent or otherwise inappropriate shows. The student spends a great deal of time watching television rather than in activities with family or friends.
Similarly, parents do not monitor computer use or Internet access. The student may know much more about computers than the parents do, and the computer may be considered off limits to the parents while the student is secretive about his computer use, which may involve violent games or Internet research on violence, weapons, or other disturbing subjects.
Once again, ME. ALWAYS had a TV in my own room. ALWAYS had a PC in my own room. ALWAYS known more about computers and Internet than my parents, hell, even had to teach them how to use things like a word processing program.

PAGE 29/30 "Media, Entertainment, Technology - The student has easy and unmonitored access to movies, television shows, computer games, and Internet sites with themes and images of extreme violence."
Guess WHO again...?

Number of persons I have killed by now: ZERO POINT ZERO. Like the average vote of John Blutarsky.

Criminalization of entertainment is the best weapon in the hand of bigots who need to blame everything to the "Satan of the Day". I grew up watching horror and action movies, reading "violent" novels and comics, playing "violent" videogames, and "downloading material from websites with controversial contents such as weapons", otherwise I would have never grown up the culture that's allowing me to be a gunwriter now.
My family grew me up giving me valors that allow me to distinguish good from evil and to make my choices consequently. That's what distinguished me from any school shooter.
"It is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself, when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks. It is legal and lawful to own a shotgun or a rifle. We believe in obeying the law." -- Malcolm X

"We (atheists) act in good conscience because we believe in moral principles, not because we expect a reward in Heaven." -- Margherita Hack

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