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Default Females Used In Combat Stress Exercises


Females Used In Combat Stress Exercises

By SSgt. Barry Sadler

We've all been there. You are sitting quitely in your living room and letting all the problems of the day quietly slip away. Suddenly a female enters the environment. Without warning you are subjected to a massive barrage of gossip, complaints and a endless parade of mundane questions.

Quickly your mental capacity to process all the new data is overloaded and your average person either breaks under the stress in a defensive fit of outrage meant to act as a deterrent or he quietly retreats within himself never to be seen again on a conscious level.

Combat veterans were the first to note that this mental barrage was quite similar to what happens when a soldier becomes subject to a massive enemy attack. In an effort to better prepare our nations special forces community to the duress of sudden, unexpected violent enemy fire the Army Special Forces School has adopted a program that will simulate this mental onslaught.

4 females between the ages of 21-35 are selected at random and prepared by watching 8 hours of Oprah, The View, 2 random soap operas and a Lifetime Channel movie. Then each female member is isolated for a 2 hour period to 'prime' them. The SFC school at Ft. Bragg has determined that 2 hours of isolation without contact is the optimum time for your average female to reach a state of 'critical mass.'

Without warning program participants are subjected to one of the females in a confined area with no possiblity of escape. Soldiers are subjected to almost 30 mins. of intensive contact. Prior test have determined that any additional contact begins to cause irrepairable damage far beyond the post tramatic stress syndrome experienced by many combat veterans.

Graduates of the training program credit it with saving their very lives. Lt. Neddermeyer, who is no stanger to intense fire under combat stated the following, "It absolutely saved the lives of me an my men. We came under a surprise enemy mortar attack. All around us men were being blown to pieces and we had no cover. Men everywhere froze in fear and hesitation. Only due to the program I had been through much worse. My head was clear as I began to issue orders and mounted a counter offensive against the weak point in the enemy line. It was hell, but thankfully I had been there before."

Critics of the program argue that it is much too harsh and should be banned under the Geneva Accord. The program does have a 24% failure rate, exceedingly high given that only special forces troops are allowed to particpate. This contrasts sharply with their 2% failure rate in all other military programs. To make matters worse, those that fail are deemed "unsuitable for further military service" in more than 68% of the cases. Noted Capt. Miller, "When it works it works, but when it fails it is a career ender."

Other members of the Geneva Convention also are critical of the program, not for the extreme stress that it places on the soldiers but for the 'unfair advantage' it gives successful graduates. Arab delegates stated that "Our women are not like American women. There is no way we could establish a comparable program. This will only lead to a gross disparity." The French sided with the dissenters by stating that "Americans have enough advantage, this is simply overkill."

And finally the National Organization of Women (NOW) also objected to the program. While they are pleased that women are being seen as a valuable asset in some respects, they believe that this program does not fairly demonstrate a womans self worth and makes them more of a commodity to be used for the benefit of male soldiers.

Time will only tell if the "Estrogen Stress" programs, as they are commonly known, will survive or if they will go the way of other well meaning failures like Agent Orange defoliation.
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