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Old 09-20-2009
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Default A Message to the anti gunners

From time to time I am chided for my beliefs and stated opinions by some of the weak kneed members of the gun community lest my statements be used as fuel and ammunition for the antis.

What my well intention but mild mannered counterparts seem to not grasp is it does not matter what we say, think or do. The antis are more than happy to selectively quote, distort or just make shit up to attempt to portray all gun owners as illiterate, bible thumping trailer park rejects with delusions of forcing their world view on the country.

In short, it does not matter what we do or don't say, they will do whatever they want. And more importantly I am unwilling to live my life according to the specter of what the 'anti's' may or may not do. THAT is freedom.

So for all the antis who may be trolling this forum for material here is the gold mine.


First, know that you are losers. You probably have been all your life. You probably were the kids in school who dressed funny and got your ass beat constantly because you are so fucking weird. The hilarious part is you often felt yourself intellectually or morally superior. Just like the freaks and nut jobs in high school antis have a loser cause. After the passage of the 1994 AW Ban you guys lost the House AND Senate. When you didn't figure shit out you lost the 2000 election. Of course just like a high school loser you screamed "FIX" and cried about it so much that it cost you the 2004 election.

You screamed at the top of your lungs but you may as well have told the nation that you are LOSERS because that is all they heard. Since you have a hard time with simple concepts you are a L-O-S-E-R.

Second, you are NO BETTER than the people you claim are oppressing you from the evil right wing.

With social programs keeping us perpetually in debt, ILLEGAL INVADERS flooding our borders and credible threats from the radical Middle East to US security what do you guys feel is the important issue? Me and my guns. No wonder I feel the need to possibly provide for my own security, you useless fucks never will no matter how much of my tax dollars you spend.

Again you cry about how the evil right wing is destroying personal freedoms by not allowing you to legally marry your butt buddy but you have no qualms about wanting to take my personal property. You fear my guns but not the encroachment of socialism into our constitutionally protected Democratic Republic.

You wish to regulate my property rather than control or punish criminals who illegally misuse guns. And then you cry about government intrusion into the private lives of individuals when TERRORISTS who are not even from here are not afforded the rights of a US citizen?

Third, the notion that legal gun owners as a whole are a threat is ridiculous. With an estimated 80 million gun owners we are actually less of a threat than doctors when you compared related deaths. Not even 1% of gun owners contribute to crime. Try that with any other group. If legal gun owners were a viable threat you'd have found out about it a LONG TIME ago. We are more law abiding than you, we aren't property damaging activists out in the street screaming for people to cater to our agenda. The fact that we are law abiding is why you are free to run around and defame us in the way you do. If we were like you in any way, you would not be alive to bitch about our guns.

We have guns in quantities that you cannot imagine. Most of us have serious training and experience with them. If we wanted to we probably could overthrow and restore this country. But again, we are not like you. We love our country and would rather try and correct it by peaceful means that do NOT force our views on everyone.

Fourth, YOU are the domestic enemy referred to in the Constitution. you are completely willing to destroy individual freedoms. You claim the 2nd Amendment refers to the militia and not individuals. You say the National Guard IS the militia and they are armed according to the 2nd Amendment. Only a couple problems: One the National Guard was not created until 1903 by the Dick Bill. So for nearly 125 years the militia must have been something else - it was ordinary people who were NOT in the army or a agent of the government. Second, the 2nd Amendment is contained within the first 10 known collectively as the "Bill of Rights" which are undisputed (by everyone except you idiots) INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. To say that any of them refer to a government entity and not a individual is absurd and dangerous. If you are successful in changing the position of the government in terms of the second amendment it will be no difficult task to do it with any others. After all freedom of the press can't possibly refer to individuals therefore it must refer to the state press right? Not like individuals publish newspapers so what do they need freedom for right?

Your attempt to declare the 2nd Amendment (or any other) in the Bill or Rights as right of government makes you far more dangerous than any individual, criminal or otherwise, with a gun. It also makes you a greater criminal than any terrorist or enemy of the United States. You are currently our greatest threat to freedom. You are treasonous and should be hanged.

Bottom line, just as you don't want anyone (Church, Republicans, normal people) telling you what to do and taking away your freedoms we don't want YOU (liberals, Democrats, dope smoking hippies reject assholes) telling us what to do and trying to take away ours.

Now you probably will not be able to grasp the simplicity of what I said. All you will be able to discern is it does not agree with what Sarah Brady and Feinstein have told you about guns and dangerous gun owners.

So copy/paste this and get over to DUh and HCI and show them how dangerous and militant we are. Tell them I said "Fuck Off."
"Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional illogical liberal minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous liberal press which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."
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