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Arrow Bernardelli PA-12 "Pompa".

Just wanted to give you an insight about this pump-action shotgun that's been on the Italian market for six months, now.

The firm of VINCENZO BERNARDELLI S.r.l. represents one of Italy's most notorious gunmakers, having been on the market since the year 1865 (although the Bernardelli family has been reported making weapons since 1721), and has since been active on the field of both handguns and long guns for sport, hunting, and defense.

In the early 1990s, the firm was acquired by the Turkish conglomerate SARSILMAZ SILAH A.S., and since then the two companies virtually merged their activities and production. This led Bernardelli to halt some of its most significative productions, including discarding the series of VB and P-018 handguns, and of defense and security pump-action shotguns. Their latest pump-action shotgun to date, the VB-1, launched in the year 2005, was marketed for merely one year, and was nothing else than a Turkish-made SARSILMAZ "Cobra" shotgun branded with "Bernardelli" markings.

In the year 2009, BERNARDELLI returned on the pump-action shotguns market with an entirely house-grown product, the PA-12 "Pompa" ("Pump").

Virtually based itself on another SARSILMAZ design, the M206, the PA-12 "Pompa" sports several original features that make it a distinctive BERNARDELLI product. The similarities between the SARSILMAZ M20x series of shotguns and the BERNARDELLI PA-12 are mainly due to the fact that, in order to minimize manufacturing costs and make the PA-12 an affordable product in such a crowded market as the pump-action shotguns one, BERNARDELLI manufactures it out of semi-finished parts imported from Turkey.

The BERNARDELLI PA-12 "Pompa" shotguns can be basically divided into two parts: the frame, manufactured in black-anodized, high-strenght aluminium alloy (ERGAL-55), and the barrel, manufactured in carbon alloy steel, chromed internally and blued externally. Other parts, such as the stock and the handguard/pump mechanism, are realized in high-strenght polymer. The entire project is imprinted to "sense and simplicity", for ease of handling and use even in the most concitated phases of a Police action or a home invasion, when adrenaline can alterate judgement and negatively afflict the user's capacity to handle and use a firearm correctly.

The BERNARDELLI PA-12 shotgun can employ standard shotgun sights or, under request, an high-visibility front sight and an adjustable "Ghost Ring" rear sight. The fixed polymer stock can be removed and replaced with a mere polymer pistol grip or with a "tactical" stock system featuring a polymer pistol grip and a FRANCHI SPAS-12 - style, stamped sheet metal upfolding stock.

CALIBER: 12 gauge, 76mm chambering (3", a.k.a. "Magnum" chambering)
CAPACITY: 6 shots +1 in chamber
BARREL: Smoothbore, 51 cm. long
STOCK: 36 cm. long (fixed stock, upfolding stock extended)
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Manual safety, disconnector

Vincenzo Bernardelli S.r.l.
Via Grandi, 10
25030 Torbole Casaglia (BS)
TEL.: +39-0302151094
FAX: +39-0302150963


Bernardelli PA-12 pump-action shotgun, fixed stock

Bernardelli PA-12 pump-action shotgun, metal sheet stock extended

Bernardelli PA-12 pump-action shotgun, metal sheet stock upfolded

Bernardelli PA-12 pump-action shotgun, pistol grip

Bernardelli PA-12 pump-action shotgun, right-side close-up of frame

Bernardelli PA-12 pump-action shotgun, left-side close-up of frame
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