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Default Trivia of a different sort: explosion diagrams or manual

Alright Gents, let's see who's googlefu is stronger.

I'm rebuilding a Savage Model 29A--HOWEVER--This ain't your garden run 29...This is the "Peerless" model that came equipped with a Marble like flip up peep sight.
A customer dropped it off with a parts diagram obviously lifted from numerich--but it's not the right diagram. the one he gave me, and on Numerich's site, shows part 29A-765 as the operating lock: the screw is offset so as to use the break down screw to hold it in place.
On the particular model in my lap, the operating lock screws directly to the receiver just below the ejection port.

I can find pics of similar models to the one I've got to work on--but no disassembly guides/manuals, explosion diagrams--to quote Spaceballs, "i ain't found shit" as to this particular gun.
I know calling Numerich is just gonna frustrate me--they'll probably find the same damn part I already have, take a month to do it, and then charge me a shit ton to ship it to me.

I'd call piece of history firearms, but can't find their damn number...

So boys, save me some headache--help me find this shit.

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Wink Yere ya go!

Piece Of History Firearms, L L C
926 W Prince Road
Tucson, AZ 85705-3100
Phone: (520) 292-0000
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Default Re: Trivia of a different sort: explosion diagrams or manual

Are you sure it is a 29A? Here is a diffrence between 29 & AB versions

also attching a picture of the real 29A with rear marble tangsight
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File Type: jpg USA Savage 29A .22SLLR 24''BBL mfg. late 1940's.jpg (25.4 KB, 3 views)
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