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Default Sharon and Arafat

So Sharon and Arafat were sitting down to a secret summit. Sharon asked if he might begin by telling Arafat a story from the Hebrew Bible, and not wanting to offend his host, the old terrorist agreed.

Sharon begins, "After leading the Israelites through the desert for nearly 40 years, Moses led them to an oasis, which flowed with cool clean, sweet water. After drinking deeply of it, and filling their goat-skins, the Israelites bathed. When they had finished, Moses climbed up on the banks of the water, only to find his clothes had vanished..."

Arafat began to be bored, but humored the old warrior, who continued,

"Moses asked the Israelites what had happened to his clothing, and they answered, 'The Palestinians came and stole them!'"

At this, the old terrorist could no longer contain himself, and leapt to his feet, shouting, "Enough, you old fool! You know damn well that there were no Palestinians in the time of Moses!"

Sharon slowly smiles, and says, "Thank you. Now- finally- we can begin to negotiate."
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