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Old 06-24-2006
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Default G.W.Bush is thick?

AF1 crashes and the only three survivors get swimming to a desert island:
Osama Bin Laden, Tony Blair and G.W.Bush

After a quick look, they realized no food was available, so all three started to walk around.

Suddenly, Osama kicks an object half sunk in the sand. It comes to be a lamp.

Osama = "ALLAHA EMANET OL! It could be Aladin's lamp"
Tony = "Bloody believer"
G.W. = "Who's Aladin?"

Osama scratches the lamp and a Genius pops out.

Genius = "You guys have the right of three wishes. One each"
Osama = "I want to get back to Florida" (...and everybody's searching in Afghanistan...)

PUFF! Osama disappears.

Tony = "I want to get back to England"

PUFF! Also Tony disappears.

G.W. = "What a f...! Ain't gonna stay here alone! Bring the two back!"


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Old 06-24-2006
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Default The blue collar comedy version was funny.

Jeff Foxworthy wanted to go back to Atlanta, Bill Engvall wanted to go back to Winslow, Ron White wanted to go back to Fritch, and Larry the Cable guy is the one that brought them all back.
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