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Arrow Astronauts again...

_ Three astronauts are chosen to join a mission in space for five years.
_ They could express a wish each.
_ The first: "I want to learn as much as possible, so load the vessel with all kind of DVD's about absolutely everything"
_ And it was done.
_ The second: "I want the most beautiful woman to join me in this trip"
_ The most astonishing model was quickly searched and found, so also this was done.
_ The third: "I want a lot of sigarets. I simply cannot stop smoking"
_ So a full container of .......... (hide the brand, if not the joke could be censored) was loaded as well.

= ================================================== ============= =

_ At the mission end, there were loads of reporters waiting for the spacecraft landing.
_ As the first astronaut comes out, the question was if he could really study all the matters.
_ The answer was: "Of course. Now I'm the most cultured man on earth!"
_ The second comes out followed by the sexy partner and three kids.
_ Stopping the reporters by saying: "No comment, no comment!"
_ The third doesn't comes out immediately. The technicians start to get worried. But after few hours one hand appears from the door frame. Then a man , much thinner than what he was at departure, joins the croud. White long hair. Shaking badly, grabs the first microphone and shouts: "Where are the f...... matches!"
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