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Exclamation Nobody else...?

OOKAY, more than 24 hours since the last try, so the house declares itself the
The answer was closer than many of yours could have believed...
AGUSTA-Westland A-129 "Mangusta"

The AGUSTA A-129 "Mangusta" (Mongoose) is an attack helicopter manufactured by AGUSTA-Westland SPA (part of the Italian FINMECCANICA Group Corporation) of Italy. It has the distinction of being the first attack helicopter to be designed and produced wholly in Europe. The A-129 "Mangusta" is currently the best and most technologically advanced attack/combat helicopter in production and service in the western Europe area.

Design of the A129 began in 1978. The first of five Mangusta prototypes performed its initial official flight on 15 September 1983, and the fifth prototype first flew in March 1986.

The A129 Mangusta was developed to provide an anti-tank attack helicopter for the Italian Army. Specifically for the export market, the A129 International was developed, this provides a more flexible and lower cost helicopter with added firepower and upgraded avionics.

The A129 can be used in the anti-armour, armed reconnaissance, ground attack, escort, fire support and anti-aircraft roles.

In the anti-armour role, the helicopter can carry either Hellfire or TOW missiles, or a mixture of both; the "Hellfire" and "Stinger" missiles used by the A129 are made under license in Italy by Alenia Finmeccanica respectively as the "Aspide 2000" and "Spada 2000". The A129 can also be equipped with 81 mm or 70 mm (2.75 in) in unguided rockets and has a three-barrel 20 mm cannon in a turret mounted under its nose.

For the anti-aircraft role, Stinger or Mistral missiles can be carried.

The A129 is equipped with autonomous navigation and night vision systems in order to provide both day/night and all-weather combat capabilities.

It is interesting to note that the new 15-passenger Bell/Agusta AB139 utility helicopter is designed around the transmission of the A129.

The Italian Army and Air Force are currently (2004) the sole A-129 operators worldwide and are equipped with 45 A-129 Mangusta versions; the Italian Army has also ordered another 15 A129 International versions. In Italian service, the latter is referred to as the Agusta A129 CBT (combat configuration) version, the first of which was delivered in October 2002.

In January 2002, AAGUSTA-Westland was awarded a contract to upgrade the first 45 A129 Mangusta versions to the multi-role Agusta A129 CBT standard.

In Italian service, the Mangusta has successfully deployed with UN missions to former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Somalia and Angola. Three helicopters are now deployed in Iraq.

* A129 Mangusta: Original production version, powered by two Rolls-Royce Gem 2 turboshafts.
* A129 International: Upgraded version with five-bladed rotor, nose turret, support for Hellfire and Stinger missiles, advanced avionics equipment and two LHTEC-CTS800-2 turboshafts.
* A129 CBT: Upgraded version for the Italian army that incorporates the same advances as the A129 International version, but retains the original Gem turboshaft engines (although an uprated transmission system is fitted). It is reported that the cockpit layout is simpler than that of the A129 International.
* A129 LBH: A multipurpose assault helicopter version with a structure completely different from the standard A129s, having space for carrying eight soldiers in addition to the two crew. (The acronym LBH stands for Light Battlefield Helicopter.)
* A129 Multi-Role Proposed version, not built.
* A129 Scout: Proposed reconnaissance version, not built.
* A129 Shipboard: Proposed naval version, not built.
* A129 Tonal: In 1986, the governments of Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain signed a memorandum of understanding to investigate an improved version of the A129, called the Joint European Helicopter Tonal. (The designation "Tonal" was derived from the name of an Aztec deity.) The Tonal was to have more powerful engines, a new rotor system, retractable landing gear, improved sensors and more powerful armament. However, the project collapsed in 1990 when Britain and the Netherlands decided to obtain the AH-64 Apache instead. A move judged by many analists as "not smart", since the A129 helicopter has proved itself several times to be much more controllable and maneuverable than the "Apache", and to have superior reliability respect to the "Apache" too as far as it concerns the electronics (and their eventual vulnerability) and its resistance in desertic combat environments.

General characteristics
* Crew: 2: pilot and weapon systems officer
* Length: 12.62 m (41 ft 5 in)
* Rotor diameter: 11.90 m (39 ft 1 in)
* Height: 3.35 m (11 ft 0 in)
* Disc area: 444.9 m² (4,789 ft²)
* Empty weight: 2,530 kg (5,580 lb)
* Max takeoff weight: 5,100 kg (11,000 lb)
* Powerplant: 2× LHTEC-CTS800-2 turboshafts, 946 kW (1,270 shp) each

* Maximum speed: 278 km/h (150 knots, 172 mph)
* Combat radius: 560 km (300 nm, 350 mi)
* Ferry range: 1,000 km (540 nm, 620 mi)
* Service ceiling: 4,725 m (15,500 ft)
* Rate of climb: 12.1 m/s (2,380 ft/min)

* Guns: 1× 20 mm (0.787 in) three-barrel gatling-type cannon (500 rounds)
* Rockets: 4 pods with
o 38× 81 mm (3.19 in) unguided rockets or
o 76× 70 mm (2.75 in) unguided rockets
* Missiles:
o 8× AGM-114 Hellfire or BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles
o 4-8× AIM-92 Stinger or Mistral anti-aircraft missiles

AGUSTA-Westland, SPA
Via Giovanni Agusta, 520
21017 Cascina Costa di Samarate (VA) - Italy
TEL: +39 0331 229111
FAX: +39 0331 229605

Italian Army and Armed Force; offered for export.


More pictures of the A-129 "Mangusta" attack elicopter:
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The AH-64 is my best AH in service but if the Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne made it, It would be my best one

It used downward firing F-104 Ejector Seats, Had the capabilities of a WW2 Bomber Plane, The Front Gunner Station rotated round inside, Reached 250 MPH. Heared it was cancelled becouse of the USAFs jealousy.

Shame it was cancelled since it was too complexed but it would be no problem building them now with the technology we have today, I was thinking it could beat the AH-64 Apache.

Maybe the USAF could use it as thier AH and could fight alongside US Army Apaches

There was also a proposed Naval Variant with a Troop Compartment behind the Cockpit Section

It even featured in the S Express Music Video here!

May start a thread about the AH-56 Cheyenne.

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