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Default Bushmaster/Gwinn Assault Rifle

Was this a prototype Assault Rifle or was it really used?

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Default Well...

As far as I know, the "Bushmaster/Gwynn Assault Rifle" was not exactly an assault rifle, but was made only as a semi-automatic aimed to civilian shooters and to Police. It was an AR-18 derivative. Also it was plain shitty. All reports I have read of this weapon talk about generally poor quality and high probability of malfunctions of all genres.
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I think it was sold under the name "Assault Rifle" which confused a lot of people. I have also heard that many had a selector for full-auto fire (even though it was uncapable of fullauto). The Gwinn Arms Company of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, were in business from 1972 -1974 before Gwinn went bankrupt, and Quality Parts (reformed as Bushmaster ) bought them out. Mark Gwinn was the inventor of the original bushmaster rifle. Later Mack W. Gwinn JR Started the MGI - Mack Gwinn Industries (Modern manufacturer of quick change barrel system and other components for the AR-15).

This is an early Gwinn Firearms market units that featured a somewhat conventional safety above the trigger assembly - this variant was produced in the early 70s. The pistol came first, and was a development of Colt's IMP arm pistol/GUU-4/P. The arm pistol was then redone into a conventional rifle.
Also see here
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Default Anything they ever made sucked

I had one of the ARM pistols Biggest POS I ever owned..
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