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Smile fairy tale 0FE3

. Once upon a time in a very far village, an old lady and her cat were sitting in front of the fire place during a strong winter.
. Suddenly, "PUFF", a fairy appeared and said: "Dear old lady. You've been so good to everybody during your entire life, so now I'll give you the right of three wishes"
. The lady couldn't believe her eyes, but went on with the first wish: "I would like to get back in my 22's body"
. "PUFF", she was turned into an astonishing beautiful and sexy woman"
. The second wish: "My bed is awful, so I would like to change it with the best one in the world"
. "PUFF", the old woodden crap became a fantastic king size self powered computerized bed with all kind of adjusting positions, vibrating, cooling, heating and more"
. At that point, the former old lady was getting very excited about the last wish: "Now I would like that my cat gets transformed into the most handsome prince ever"
. "PUFF", the prince took the cat's place while the fairy faded away.
. The beautiful woman was extremely happy. She was 20 again and a fantastic lover was laying next to her on a wonderful bed.
. The prince then spoke: "My dear, do you promise not to get angry if I ask you something?"
. "Not al all", she said.
. "Do you remember, three years ago, when you decided to castrate me?"
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