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Old 09-29-2006
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Nope, it's not swappable. Take a look.

In this pic, we see how the top over the pistol grip blends back into the stock.

Here we see where the pistol grip top connects to the scope mount.

And here we see the scope mount blend back into the stock again.
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Old 09-30-2006
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Angry Like I said...

Just another damn thing that's unusable by left-handies. WORLD.GUNS.RU states that the PAW-20 is a direct competitor for the ATK - Alliant Techsystems XM-25 Airburst Assault Weapon, and in fact the PAW-20 is less complicated, easier to manufacture, less expendable, possibly more effective... but the XM-25 -IS- usable by left-handies, this is NOT! I feel this problem more than before, because I am trying to get myself used to shoot ambidextrously (one can never know...), and I am fully understanding the troubles that a left-handed shooter has every damn time he wants to handle a standard civilian weapon, figure out most of the military weapons that are engineered with no way the lefties in mind.
I think the folks at DENEL/PMP/GEMACO ELBREE, down in South Africa, have complicated their own life way too much. They could simply put a standard trigger system-pistol grip on the damn thing, under the frame.
Don't get me wrong: I like the PAW-20, I think it's fully ... sure if it wasn't for the damn trouble of the total impossibility of firing it left-handed.
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