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Old 10-31-2006
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Question "Briton MP-37" 37mm magazine-fed anti-riot launcher.

Hello, everybody.

In an article of the latest issue of DIANA ARMI, the gun magazine I contribute to, there was an article about less-than-lethal weapons. In the part dedicated to the artifact launchers, several products were mentioned, including a British-made 37mm magazine-fed weapon (using 3-rounds or 7-rounds mags), called the "Briton" MP-37 launcher; allegedly made by TESTON ENGINEERING, Ltd.
No other informations. Nor I have been able to find other stuff on the web. Has anybody any better informations? THNX in advance as usual!
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Old 10-31-2006
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Briton MP-37 37mm Multi-Purpose Riot Gun by Teston Engineering Ltd.,GB

Generally Stating
The English too Si project limited company designs the production Britten the MP-37 type multipurpose defends against riots the gun, is one kind the 37mm semiautomatic multi-purpose weapons system which uses for the police power and the law-enforcing departments, may in defend against riots and stop time the disturbance uses.

Unique feature
The M-37 type defends against riots the gun to have the quality slightly, the structure compact characteristic, does not need the special-purpose tool to be possible to carry on the decomposition and cleaning under the field condition, also throws the housing plate through the demolition and installs one 3 round or 5 round magazines, then easily transforms Cheng Duofa from the standard single shot weapon the weapon.
1. Guns
This gun only then the very few several active part, is loaded with the safe connecting rod which left, the right hand firer all may operate, and has one to lock the trigger, the rifle bolt reliably and strikes the needle the protector. When protector setting when safe position , may prevent the depreciation 'OR' operation not at that time accidentally got angry.
This gun butt is the entire extension type, is advantageous for in the narrow city street use. The barrel has two kind of different lengths, may according to need to carry on the disposition. The gun complete aluminum passes through anodic oxidation processing.
2. Aiming installments
This gun uses the mechanical sights, has the upward turn over type fore or front sight and the gauge stick.
3. Ammunition
This gun launches the 37mm non-root edge ball, the short distance with the multi-stick ball, as well as each kind of toxic bomb, defends against riots the ball, puts on bonds the ball and the signal flare.

Performance data
Caliber: 37 mm
- Rate of fire:
Semiautomatic way = 30 round /min
Sustained fire way = 60 round /min
Automatic way: Semiautomatic
Launching mode: The single shot or sends much
Ammunition feed way: Manual filling or box type magazine
Bomb-carrying capacity (magazine): 3 rounds or 5 rounds
- Entire length of rifle:
The butt pulls out = 815 mm
The butt retracts = 640 mm
- The barrel is long:
Standard type = 610 mm
Short = 490 mm
Rifling: 5
The entire gun quality (does not contain bullet): 3 kg
- Aiming installment:
Fore or front sight: Upturns the type
Gauge stick: Upturns the type
Uses for parts the ball to plant: 37mm non-root edge ball

ps: traducted with online tranlator
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Old 10-31-2006
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Do you think this ones exist, i mean produced & used in such a scale that you would not call it a prototype? Besides the military & riflemounted launchers i thought the Brits only used Kilgore & Arwen?
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