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Old 11-23-2006
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Default I made the local news today

During lunch break today Im over in Krogers grocery store when the Local TV station comes in and starts setting up a live feed for the noon Broadcast, lights camera make up people the entire 9 yards they even have this fake ass actor and child actors pretending to be some random shopper they picked out.The more I observed the more sickened I became. So I decided to put a little shit in Charlies rice bowl.I stood in the background during the live spot scratching my balls and picking my nose.Too bad I did'nt have a strickland for govenor T-shirt to wear for the occastion.On the way out everyone started the applause just as the spot was ending I took a bow and said, thank you, thank you very much. This makes the second time i've done this to channel 10 news.First time was about 8 years ago I was fishing for striped bass below griggs damm they came in and set up cameras and did the news blurb about griggs damm with a few of us guys fishing in the background, once the camera went live I dropped my pole and began urinating into the river.The camera man cursed me out once the spot was over. I can't help myself I hate the media.I'll fuck with'em every chance get, however I can..
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Old 11-23-2006
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Default We have a guy in Italy who does this all the time...

...on the RAI (Italian National TV) news. His name is GABRIELE PAOLINI, he has a website, search for it if you want, I won't link to it because he is a sick sonofabitch and his website is helluva sick thing.

Besides, he has been prosecuted several times for this ("hijacking" TV broadcasts), but he also went into the Guinnes world records book.
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Old 11-23-2006
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Well that's one thing PT, but in this case the broadcast was already quite questionable, purporting to be "news" but using actors. They deserve anything they get when they try to stage scripted interviews.
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